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Snappy Solutions Sure To Bring A Sensational Holiday By Miriam Bogard

02 Dec 2012 6:15 PM | Julie Riber, CPO®

We all could use simple solutions to keep the spirit of the season alive that doesn’t deplete our time banks. I
don’t know about you, but I’m at the point in my life, where “quality of time” with loved ones mean more than
Martha Stewart’s “fluff” on seasonal decorating. Sometimes reflecting on what we actually want “out” of our
holiday celebrations, and enlist a fewr snappy simple solutions can help bring about a more memorable
celebration. Here’s my top 5 sensational, snappy, solutions to the holiday’s most stressful activities.


Simply Decorate. Less is more in some cases. A simple table arrangement of antique ornament balls in a dish
is perfect. Use natural materials, such as branches, fruits, peppermints, and pinecones to accent.


Simplify Traditions-If holiday baking, newsletters, and dinner parties are iron-clad traditions, then, change
things up and keep it simple. Partner with friends for a cookie exchange; shop online card sites for multiple
photo card options telling this year’s story, OR create a themed dinner party event where everyone brings their
favorite appetizer, baked potato topping, pizza, or dessert. By simplify traditions you can still enjoy holiday
traditions of the past, with less effort and stress.


Sophisticated yet Savvy Attire: Select a few clothing items that can be worn for a multitude of occasions.
Accessories can add glitz and glamour when needed. Keep clothing dry cleaned and hung separately in the
closet ready to go. Pack a small bag for your trunk that includes heels, makeup, and holiday top just in case you
need to change. One of my favorite items I’ve discovered are “Fits in Clouds”, portable ballet flats that fold and
fit in your purse! How cool is that for dressed up tired feet at your fingertips!


Snappy Shopping Strategies: Create lots of lists! Keep food lists handy on the refrigerator. Keep gift ideas for
loved ones in your purse or on your personal electronic devise. Create guest lists for dinner parties, food
creations, and last minute details. ListPlanIt, helps keep me organized for the holidays, and below are a few of
my favorite. If you like these, visit their website, www.listplanit.com for further information.

Holiday Party Planner

Holiday Meal Planner

Day of the Event Timeline

Stunning Home Storage Solutions: We never know when people pop over. Take a few minutes each evening
to pick up and rid up. It’s essential to have the right solutions to help keep this process manageable. Decorative
baskets throughout the home are perfect for scarves/gloves/ hats by the door, toys and trinkets from the kids,
extra blankets and reading material. A simple flat tray filled with decorative pebbles or rock is perfect for
winter boots in the entryway. Create a family communication center to house party invites, calendar, coupons,
and holiday cards. Natural cleaning supplies like white vinegar, cinnamon, and citrus peels are perfect for
multi-purpose cleaning and aroma fresheners into the air. Lastly, create a guest room complete with reading
materials, bottled waters, toiletries, and towels ahead of time, just in case you have that last minute guest.


Effort ahead of time, allow us to enjoy and create perfect experiences. We wish you and your family a joyous
holiday season.

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