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Organizing Your Refrigerator by Ellen Limes

04 Aug 2013 6:29 PM | Julie Riber, CPO®
  • Yes you need to organize your refrigerator. You shouldn’t have to wear a respirator mask when you open your refrigerator. If you get that smelly waft of air when you open your fridge, something needs to be addressed in there.
  •             Start with a bucket of soapy water and paper towels. One shelf at a time, empty the contents and toss any “fuzzy” food. Wipe off the shelf and the sides near that shelf.  You can also take the whole shelf and wash it in the sink if it really needs more of a scrubbing.
  •             Before you put the contents back on that shelf, wipe off the bottoms of each item.  Glance at the expiration dates. Most condiments will last beyond their expiration date for a short time, but when we’re talking YEARS, you might want to consider replacing those items. 
  •             Don’t forget the drawers. Science experiments are usually growing in there. There are many drawer liners designed for refrigerator drawers. Consider using one of these after the drawer is clean. It helps let some air circulate under the produce in the drawers.  Door shelves can quickly get particularly nasty.
  •             When you return the items to the fridge, think of like things together. Most condiments would go in the door.  But even those can be organized. Put dressings on one shelf; sauces, condiments, etc. on another. Put pickles and jarred items together.  On the shelves, put your dips and the like together. Mini turntables that are used in cabinets can also be used in the fridge.
  •             While you are at it, the freezer probably needs attention. Shelf by shelf, identify what you are pulling out. If you can’t identify it or know what it is, it is probably time to go.  To keep things in check, consider dating items as you store leftovers. If you use freezer bags, write on them as well
  •             Now that you are done cleaning out the fridge, close the door, now open it and take in a deep breath. Isn’t that refreshing!

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