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Freedom From Clutter by Cathy VanVolkenburg

06 Jul 2014 8:07 PM | Julie Riber, CPO®

Freedom from Clutter

As a professional organizer, I hear the word Freedom mentioned quite often. Clients from all walks of life have a common goal when it comes to their "stuff.” They want to be free from the clutter that has taken over their basements, closets, garages and offices. How did it get this way? Why do we have so much? Eventually we reach a point where we simply can't look at the piles any longer. Our stuff owns us!

We are burdened by the visual noise that all of this stuff screams at us day after day. It steals our time as we look for items we need. Sometimes we buy a new item only to find the original item several days later in the PILE.  If you are feeling controlled by your clutter, fear not. It is time to dig deep and discover why you have the clutter. Once you understand the issues behind the accumulation of clutter, you can take steps to reverse this problem. Below are some tough questions to ask yourself when you feel ready to start the process of change.

  •  Do I keep things that no longer serve me because I paid "good money" for them?   
  • Is my closet full of clothes that may fit me some day?
  •  Am I keeping items I don't like because they were a gift?
  •  Do I purchase new items to fill a void in another part of my life?
  •  Is there so much stuff that I have no idea what is in the  bottom of the pile?
  •  Do I love this item enough to care for it and store it  properly?    
  •  What opportunities am I sacrificing by storing this item?
  •  Is my calendar packed full because I don’t know how to  relax and enjoy time with myself?

By being honest with yourself about the clutter, you have taken the first step towards living with less. Knowing why you have clutter and making a choice to change will bring you benefits you never thought possible. More time. More money. Less stress! What is better than this?  If you have answered some tough questions, you may have a good idea of how to stop the piles from continuing to control you.  NAPO Ohio organizers are here to help you through your journey toward a life free from clutter. 

Cheers to your freedom!


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