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Back To School- Keeping You, The Paperwork, and Your Student Organized by Julie Riber, CPO

02 Aug 2015 2:24 PM | Julie Riber, CPO®

Do you feel like you are swimming in papers when your kids go back to school?  You have school schedules with late day starts, early releases, teacher conferences, days off, sport schedules with practices and games.  All this can be overwhelming. 

You can keep it organized and neat looking at the same time.  Whether you work full time outside the home or have the hardest job as stay at home mom, after school activities take up a good portion of your life. 

Those first 2 weeks of school are critical with paperwork.  Teaching your children early that all the papers are to be taken out of their book bags as soon as they get home will help you avoid missing anything. 

Gather all the items that need to be filled out each day and do it every evening after the kids are in bed.   If you fill them out as they come in you will be less likely to fall behind.    During the first couple weeks, most papers have a due date so make sure you do those that have more urgency first. 

Have a specific spot where all papers from school are to go from your child.  Make sure the first few weeks of school you ask them about those papers so it will become a habit for them and you.  Developing those routines early will help them become better students and keep you organized and up to date with their activities. 

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