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NAPO Ohio Chapter Helps Amethyst With Clothes Closet

01 Sep 2015 9:10 PM | Julie Riber, CPO®

 NAPO Ohio teamed up to organize and de clutter the room the women of Amethyst call the clothes closet on Saturday, August 15, 2015. 

 5 members of the Ohio Chapter of National Association of Professional Organizers spent 6 hours with women in the Amethyst program helping to sort and purge clothes for the clothes closet.  Clothes kept in the closet are for the women every day and for business. The closet also has clothes for the children of the women.   The closet was just not set up to maximize the space.  The first step was to have Bob Tennant of Spectrum Handyman come and move a few shelving units all to one side of the space allowing more room for the clothes racks.  The next step of purging was needed so the women can view all the clothes available to them and their children.  There were so many that it was difficult to find the right size.  “The opportunity to help these women gain control of the area and understand how consistent purging will help maintain order was our goal,” said Julie Riber, member of NAPO Ohio Chapter.   Natalie Zimmerman with Amethyst said, “This was a learning moment where the women learn the value of organization and take ownership of the clothes closet.”

Amethyst, Inc. is one of the only providers in the state to accept women and their children into long-term drug and alcohol treatment, and one of the few to provide intensive services for as long as the client needs them

Clothes Closet Before 

Clothes Closet After

Clothes Closet After


  • 07 Sep 2015 1:38 PM | Deleted user
    What a wonderful project with which to give your time and talent. You and the other organizers that helped purge and organize that day did a beautiful job...the before and after pictures speak volumes to all that was accomplished. Not only does the space look inviting and functional, but you passed along a valuable skill set to the women in the program.
    I know you work with these women on a regular, ongoing basis and will be able to keep tabs on the clothing room. I hope I can help the next time if that opportunity arises.
    Your initiative in requesting help on this project and those organizers that gave their time make NAPO Ohio proud!
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