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Quick Tips for Transitioning in May

03 May 2016 2:03 PM | Cathy Van Volkenburg CPO®

Quick Tips for Transitioning in May

By Cathy Van Volkenburg CPO®

Certified Professional Organizer

Owner of Accent on Organizing

May is one of the busiest months of the year second only to December and the holiday rush. School ends and vacations begin. Graduations, showers and weddings are on everyone’s calendar. Ready for some quick tips to survive this month of spring flowers and major transitions?

End of School:

• Box up clothing and uniforms that can be worn next season – LABEL and MOVE to a basement or other storage area to free up space for summer items

• Donate clothing that no longer fits

• Box up school supplies that can be used in the fall – LABEL and MOVE out of the main area of the house

• Review all of those art projects that have accumulated all year. KEEP 1 or 2 favorites.   Let the rest go after you have taken a picture and put them in a digital file with the child’s name and grade

Invitation Overload

• Immediately RSVP to the event! Enter the pertinent information on your calendar.

• Go online and order a registry gift now – before the inventory is depleted and nothing is left to buy!  Save time and have the store wrap and ship the gift.

• Come up with a signature gift. For baby showers, I always give the parents-to-be a combination of storage supplies to keep the many sizes of clothing in order. Get creative and include baby hangers, clothing rod size tags and pretty labels for the bins holding clothing the baby won’t fit into for months.

Use my tips to save time, reduce stress and enjoy the spring!

Happy Organized May!


  • 02 Oct 2016 5:43 PM | Olive Wagar (Administrator)
    Love the idea of giving a signature gift, Cathy!
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