Michele Schwarzwalder

Michele Schwarzwalder

The Disarray Doctor
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Organizing has always come naturally for me. As a little girl growing up, I had a knack for creating tidy spaces and finding storage solutions. To me, this was a delightful challenge that always engaged my creativity. I loved being in my mom’s re-upholstery shop and helping to make sense of all her notions, tools, bolts of fabrics and hundreds of spools of thread. I remember organizing my closets and drawers over and over again as my preferences morphed from girlhood into my teen years. My collage years allowed for navigating the challenge of small space storage solutions. While hosting jolly parties in my younger adult years I was often considered the “Martha Stewart” of home maintenance among my friends. They would say things like “Wow, your home is so easy to navigate if I need something.” or “That’s such a creative way to use that space!”. My tidy habits helped my years of being a stay-at-home mom to be much simpler and more productive, leaving me more time to have fun with my babies. Over the past few years my organizational skills have been sought by my kid’s teachers, neighbors, friends and family members to inspire, assist and teach them to live a more organized life too. My mission is to continue to share these skills with my fellow man so that many can enjoy the refreshing efficiency of their own tidy, organized surroundings!

 The Disarray Doctor

NAPO Ohio Vice President

Delaware, Fairfield, Franklin, Licking, Madison, Marion, Pickaway

Basement, Closet, Electronic, Estate, Garage, Kitchen, Moving / Relocation, Other Rooms, Personal Coach, Public Speaking

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