A Welcome Dose of Calm

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

By Olive Wagar If you have felt rather overwhelmed by the COVID-19 crisis, you are not alone. Stocking up on food and supplies, constantly watching the news, and wearing masks in public seems unusual. And it is quite common to feel a sense of anxiety, but don't let those feelings completely control your outlook.

Instead, consider these 19 positive next steps that will help you create a sense of calm and order even in uncertain times.

1. Wash all the sheets & hang outside, if possible.

2. Wash all blankets & throws. 3. Wash all coats & jackets. 4. Wash the refrigerator shelves & drawers. 5. Remove mugs & glasses; clean the area; put back the favorites. 6. Remove casserole dishes; clean the area; eliminate the odd ones. 7. Remove plates & bowls; clean the area; put back the best. 8. Remove pots & pans; clean the area; put back what you really use. 9. Gather all games; pick out your favorites; have a game night! 10. Gather all DVDs & CDs from around the house; keep the favorites. 11. Sweep the floor, run the sweeper, & shake out the rugs. 12. Wash one window; smile; wash one more window. 13. Remove one category of clothing from your closet; put back the best. 14. Repeat for every type of clothing. 15. Gather all shoes; eliminate duplicate styles & colors. 16. Empty out the junk drawer; put back the most useful items. 17. Gather all magazines; set the most recent by your reading spot. 18. Remove books from shelves; clean the area; put back the favorites. 19. Sort through coupons, flyers, & junk mail; eliminate quickly.

Eliminating any amount of clutter is always a good thing! You can pick and choose where and when to start. When you feel like you don't know what to do, simply pick one and then enjoy a small dose of satisfaction and encouragement!! There is always something positive that you can do everyday. Decide. Organize. Enjoy!! :)

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