Easy-Peasy Way to Say “GOODBYE, 2019!” and “HELLO, 2020!”

As you approach the last days of 2019, why not consider a few easy steps to get ready for 2020! You will start the new year with a sense of accomplishment without feeling exhausted by finishing tasks that usually get put off or neglected. Some take less than 15 minutes! You can do one each day in January. Either way you end up starting the new year organized and ready for new opportunities!!

  • 1. TAKE DOWN all interior and exterior holiday decorations.

  • 2. SORT & ORGANIZE decorations as you put them away.

  • 3. DONATE all decorations you didn’t use.

  • 4. DISCARD all leftovers in your frig & freezer.

  • 5. DISCARD all expired items in your pantry.

  • 6. DONATE all 2019 magazines.

  • 7. RECYCLE all 2019 newspapers.

  • 8. TOSS all expired coupons.

  • 9. DONATE 20 clothing items.

  • 10. THROW AWAY all car clutter.

  • 11. CREATE a simple one-page budget plan.

  • 12. CREATE a simple one-page food & supplies list.

  • 13. UPDATE your address list.

  • 14. DELETE excess photos on your phone.

  • 15. DELETE old voice messages on your phone.

  • 16. DELETE excess text messages on your phone.

  • 17. DELETE unnecessary emails on your computer.

  • 18. RETURN all library items.

  • 19. BUY new toothbrushes for your family!

  • 20. GO to a car wash!!

BONUS: Reward yourself with a favorite holiday treat. My favorite is frozen strawberry yogurt + 7UP. Mix together in a mug or glass as thick as you like!

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