Organize Your Life with a Vision Board

Do you find it frustrating to set goals? Do you have outrageous expectations that only leave you feeling discouraged? Do you even remember the resolutions you made last January? The good news is that you can set new goals and achieve personal success any day of the year! You can determine what is most important to you and then choose what tiny steps will get you to that goal. There are 6 months left in the year. Decide now what you will celebrate on Dec 31, 2019!!

The program for the July 8 meeting of NAPO-Ohio will be "How to Organize Your Life with a Vision Board." You will have the opportunity to create a unique vision board that will inspire & encourage you toward personal success. You don't have to be artistic or crafty--you just need to give yourself permission to have awesome dreams.

When you organize your thoughts, clarify your goals, and display your dreams, you increase the possibility that you will actually achieve personal and professional success. Plan now to be at the July 8 meeting!

P.S. Please register before July 4th!

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