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Our Vision: The world recognizes the value of organizing and turns to NAPO as the leading authority.

Our Mission: To develop, lead, and promote professional organizers and the organizing industry.

Our Profession: The organizing and productivity industry is growing by leaps and bounds.  Many people are trying to gain control and conquer their clutter and chaos. Professional Organizers and Productivity Specialists will facilitate your progress with proven techniques, motivation, and education.

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Insider Thoughts...


Hiring an organizer who belongs to the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) is choosing the best in the industry. We abide by the highest professional and ethical standards, and maintain the highest degree of confidentiality with our clients. NAPO organizers are committed to continuing education and growth in their field. They have access to nationwide resources. A NAPO Organizer will tailor the services to meet your goals and expectations.


If you are “wired” to enjoy putting things in order and helping others make those same decisions, then Professional Organizing is a great career choice. In addition, becoming a member of a national association shows that you are dedicated to your career and you are continually educating yourself through attending meetings and networking with others. You will develop your own niche over time, but helping others organize their lives can change lives.


A Business Partner is the NAPO-Ohio membership option available to companies affiliated with the Organizing Industry. These companies consist of, but are not limited to, those that design, manufacture, distribute and/or sell organizing products as well as those that provide services to professional organizers.

Our Business Partners

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